Subwoofer Lava ST 105


Single 4 Inch multimedia speaker
USB, SD, Remote ,Bluetooth
RMS : 10WX2
Impedance : 4 Ohm
Frequency Response :30Hz-30KHz
Voltage : AC  220 V / 50HZ
S/N : 89 Ôëą db
Separation : >55 db
Size: 186 x 152 x 315mm

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Subwoofer Lava ST105
Looking for a single 4-inch multimedia speaker that can provide you with a rich and immersive sound experience? Look no further! This versatile speaker is perfect for listening to music, watching movies, playing games, and more.


  • USB, SD, and Bluetooth Input:┬áThis speaker has a variety of input options, so you can play music from any source.
  • Powerful Sound:┬áWith its 10Wx2 RMS output, this speaker can deliver powerful and clear sound that can fill any room.
  • Wide Frequency Response:┬áThe speaker’s wide frequency response of 30Hz-30KHz ensures that you can hear all the nuances of your music, from the deepest bass to the highest treble.
  • High Signal Quality:┬áThe speaker’s S/N of 89 Ôëą db ensures that you can enjoy your music with high signal quality and low noise levels.
  • Good Stereo Effect and Balanced Sound:┬áThe speaker’s separation of >55 db ensures that you can experience a good stereo effect and a balanced sound.
  • Compact and Stylish Design:┬áThe speaker’s compact and stylish design makes it easy to place and complement any d├ęcor.


The single 4-inch multimedia speaker offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Rich and Immersive Sound:┬áThe speaker’s powerful sound and wide frequency response deliver a rich and immersive sound experience that is perfect for any occasion.
  • Versatility:┬áThe speaker’s variety of input options and compact design make it a versatile device that can be used in any room.
  • Ease of Use:┬áThe speaker is easy to set up and use, with a simple control panel and remote control.
  • Affordable Price:┬áThe speaker is available at an affordable price, making it a great value for your money.

Use Cases:

The single 4-inch multimedia speaker is perfect for a variety of uses, including:

  • Listening to Music:┬áThe speaker is perfect for listening to music from all your favorite sources, including USB, SD, and Bluetooth input.
  • Watching Movies:┬áThe speaker’s powerful sound and wide frequency response make it perfect for watching movies and TV shows.
  • Playing Games:┬áThe speaker’s immersive sound and low latency make it perfect for playing video games.
  • Giving Presentations:┬áThe speaker’s powerful sound and clear output make it perfect for giving presentations and speeches.
  • Hosting Parties:┬áThe speaker’s powerful sound and versatile features make it perfect for hosting parties and gatherings of all
  • Subwoofer Lava ST105 sizes.


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